Dan Jinkins Said,
October 29th, 2012 @8:29 am  

I ordered some, and ever since I have been taking it, I have noticed a major improvement in energy. I have been feeling great. I used to feel flushed in my face a lot, and since I have been taking this I have not had it. I ran out a little early and my body didn’t like that lol.

Amy McFerrin Said,
October 30th, 2012 @10:12 am  

Wow this is the first site I finally found, that has taken time to give people in depth information on this product. I got my mom and dad on this, and they love it. My mom got her friend on it because she had high blood pressure. She was taking (Six) blood pressure bills a day which blew my mind how a doctor would make her take that much.

After one month of taking Tangy Tangerine she went down to ONE PILL. I am blown away, and tickled I could help in a little way. Her doctor is upset that she has been taking this because they are losing money. She told her doctor she is not going to take the pills anymore, because her blood pressure is perfect now. They are now trying to force her to wear a blood pressure patch to inject the pill into her bloodstream even though she has perfect blood pressure. I never knew these even existed.

I told my mom to tell her to ditch that doctor and find a new one. It’s amazing to me how doctors can stuff pills down you, and not tell you the truth about vitamins.

Aspen Said,
October 30th, 2012 @4:14 pm  

I just ordered some beyond tangy tangerine. I found that ordering the 3 pack saves you quite a bit of money. It came out to be like $60.00 cheaper ordering the three pack then singles. I am going to set up auto-ship for my next order to save on shipping. Great review, and thanks for answering my pre-order questions.

Aspen A.

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